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A friend of mine mentioned she would have walked away from a long awaited litter if the breeder had chosen a merle stud. That got me thinking. Now that I’m taking my own tentative first steps into the world of breeding I hear it more often; people wanting a black and white pup because that is the ‘traditional’ border collie colour, and that seems to be acceptable. But what about the people who want a red dog or, heaven forbid, a merle? They are being told not to be short-sighted, it’s not about the colour but about the health of the dog.

This confuses me. Why is it ok to actively choose a black pup, but not to actively choose a coloured pup? Isn’t choosing a black pup also choosing a specific colour, namely black? Same with breeding. It seems to be ok, and even encouraged, to breed black and white litters, but actively looking for  a ‘coloured’ parent is frowned upon. Come on people, do we not check both the parents for disease, temperament, ability and whatnot no matter what the colour? Are we that short-sighted? Are we colour-blind?

As a breeder we make a million choices before the actual mating occurs, starting with our own ‘stock’. Is my bitch suited for breeding? And what kind of dog would best suit her?
We have to decide whether we want a hard dog or a soft dog, a stocky dog or a sleek dog, a fast runner or a quick turner, but isn’t that just the same difference? We choose what we would prefer our pups to be.

People on my waiting list have a preference. Some for a specific colour, some for a boy, and some for a girl (hey, there’s another distinction that has nothing to do with health and working ability!). A few have asked me whether I would mind if they had a preference for a colour, they apparently had been turned down by other breeders because of that. I answered them with a very solid No. I have no problems with that. Heck, I have a very clear preference of my own.

And that’s what I’m trying to convey here. Everybody has a preference, be it for colour, built, sex, or character. And that’s fine. We just need to be honest with ourselves and seriously consider if the preferences we have are clouding our judgement on issues that really matter.


7 Comments on "Colourblind"

  1. Karen · 10/02/2014 at 12:55 · Reply

    Dit verhaal komt me bekend voor 😉
    Uiteraard staat gezondheid en karakter voorop, maar eerlijk is eerlijk, het oog wil ook wat.
    En zo heeft iedereen zijn voorkeur, maar de kleur doet er eigenlijk over het algemeen niet meer zo toe als je de hond in levende lijve ontmoet. De verpakking is dan minder belangrijk.

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  2. Ine · 07/12/2014 at 22:11 · Reply

    Wel het eerlijke hele verhaal schrijven hè Kim, en niet jouw draai eraan geven.

    • Kim · 08/12/2014 at 12:56 · Reply

      Hoi Ine,

      Ik heb een berichtje verwijderd want je had er per ongeluk twee geplaatst.
      Ik snap je opmerking niet helemaal en welk ‘heel verhaal’ je op doelt. Ik zou graag willen weten wat deze opmerking teweeg bracht zodat ik er specifiek op in kan gaan.
      Het artikel is geschreven met een bepaald idee in mijn hoofd, en volgens mij is dat vrij duidelijk naar voren gekomen. Er is in mijn ogen niets mis met het specifiek uitzoeken op een bepaalde kleur of patroon zolang je basiscriteria zoals gezondheid, karakter, werkvermogen ect maar voorop staan.


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