Thrice’s the charm

Posted on 30/06/2015 at 15:01 by Kim No Comment

A new attempt at a merle girl from herdinglines.

After deciding we would not breed Abby due to the healthproblems of her litter mates, and the devastating news of Fan’s bad hipscores meaning she will never have a litter of her own either, we decided to look further.

Since acquiring Abby, a friendhip evolved with Lette from kennel From Lets Border. Together we went on a search for a perfect match for her Fly, a bitch imported from Wales in 2012. Fly’s father is Kevin Evans’ renowned Kemi Mirk, international supreme champion 2008 and world trials finalist in 2008 and 2011.

The question for herdinglines is answered, now we needed a good merle dog and that is not an easy task. A dog out of working lines in good health and a merle to boot. Good luck to you. But after months of deliberation we finally settled on Borders at work Sean. His achievements are impressive with a 2nd place at the Dutch Practical Trials and reserve-Champion promotionclass, and that at only two years of age.

Fly has just come into season and she will be mated to Sean. For more information you can go to: From Lets Border.

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